Discover the Secrets of MIND GAMES by Marc Salem with Richard Mark - Book

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Marc Salem's Mind Games on and off Broadway "is as brilliantly entertaining as it is tantalizing and puzzling." - Clive Barnes "It is mind blowing!" - Liz Smith New York Post. Now he gives himself away. In a revealing graduate course in psychic entertainment, Marc tells all, documenting his personal experiences as well as sharing his most closely held secrets.

You will find presentations and methods for over 45 of his performance pieces that have been seen by audiences from Broadway to Edinburgh, from Dubai to the Sydney Opera House and hundreds of other venues and theaters around the world.

Discover how Marc Salem was able to float in the air while reading the minds of passerby's...

Discover how he haunted the Shubert Theater in Connecticut and caused the staff to panic...

Discover how Marc predicted the death of Elvis, achieving worldwide publicity, and then was accused of participation in an international conspiracy...

Discover how he learned to simulate mind reading by virtue of a finely held ability to read body language and understand non-verbal communication.

Discover how this "ordinary man" became extraordinary and by following his story and learning from it, you too may achieve success in your search for excellence. This is your opportunity to discover "THE SECRETS OF MARC SALEM'S MIND GAMES."

In addition to the book, this package contains two discs with performance videos, tutorials, network TV specials, TV and radio appearances, stunts, posters, graphics, and full text of the "SIX KEYS" book, all to be used for your enlightenment as Marc Salem gives himself away!

"Truly, this is a look inside the head of one of our leading performers - effects, tips, techniques, anecdotes, observations - it's all there. He holds nothing back."
- Ken Weber author of Maximum Entertainment

"In this book Marc Salem will take you on a journey in his mind, not only explaining his most guarded secrets but also giving you professional advice on staging, presentation and much more. This is something that must be present in any respectable mentalist's library!"
- Luca Volpe

"I first saw him live in Edinburgh in 2000 and I, along with hundreds of other people, left stunned. Luckily, I left with a little more to think about. Marc made me realize that the stuff I'd been learning actually worked on stages for real people. His passion, energy and performing ability also made it clear that I had a long way to go until I was ready. But that night changed everything for me.
"While I don't think I'll ever be as ready as Marc is, I'm utterly grateful to him for his time, help and thoughts over the years. Believe me, if you get even a glimmer of what I have from Marc via this book, you've made a wise investment."

- Colin McLeod - now appearing in The Illusionist

"This book will become a recognized classic of mentalism."
- Roger Ferriby

"The book is absolutely wonderful. It contains everything from his style of publicity and his thought process to many of his favorite effects. As Ken says, (in my words) he gives away the farm. It virtually reads like a chat with Marc."
- Joe Curicillo

"Salem's generosity telling the whole truth and holding nothing back is what makes this book so informative and readable. He is a giver to the nth degree. My departed father in law, Maurice Fogel, would be very proud of Marc's accomplishments."
- Chris Woodward