ECHO (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Billy Chin & Secret Factory

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Echo allows you to transfer thoughts directly into the minds of your spectators; the effects above illustrate only some of applications possible. It could also be used for dual Reality, pre show, trance inductions, and more...

Product specifications:
  • New design, unique features
  • No clothing restrictions
  • Single operation, no assistant
  • Easy to carry, magnetic charging
  • Large battery capacity, 5 hours of continuous playback time, to meet your day's performance needs
  • Ultra-long wireless distance (33 feet/10 meters)
Includes: ECHO + USB cable + Wristband + Storage bag + Teaching video


Connection: 2 spectators are chosen. Spectator A thinks of a card, a song or a movie, etc. Without collusion and prompts, Spectator B slowly closes their eyes and blocks their ears (with fingers) to ensure that they can't hear any outside interference. "Spectator A" merely concentrates on what (she/he) just thought of (card, song, movie or any information). It will slowly appear in the mind of "Spectator B".

Seance Phone: Borrow any spectator's phone and have them open their recording software. And start recording -- you will have a one-sided conversation with no reply. When the recording is played back, the audience will be able to clearly hear a ghostly voice in the recording replying to your questions!

A Message From The Author:

An important point in my interpretation of mentalism is to guide the audience from the rational state of being to a perceptual state. It is to create the feeling that the proceeding is as close to 'real' as possible. So, ECHO is not only an effect -- it is a tool used to strengthen the establishment of the 'real.'

New tools create different pathways and new directions in all art forms. In magic and mentalism, they are the gateways between reality and illusion, and catalysts for shaping the inner world of our audiences.

I believe that ECHO is a breakthrough in the way I perform magic and mentalism. I hope it will do the same for you.