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Another original design by Alan Wong in addition to the Flash Sharpie and Flash Wands, the Extreme Flash Thumb Tip contains a high capacity lithium rechargeable battery with super bright LED unit which gives you a burst of white light at the push of a button. A versatile invisible electronic flash unit that you will use.

You can produce a flash from your empty hand by quickly touching and releasing the button, or pluck the light off your mobile phone with your empty hand and it will look as bright and exactly the same where it came from then put it back.

Never claimed to be the brightest light up thumb tip ever, since technology will continue to advance. Consistently sold out at the Blackpool convention.

Warning: It is hazardous to stare into the light at close range, as you will be staring directly into the naked super bright LED bulb without any protection like looking at the sun directly.

Each unit contains ONE Extreme Flash Thumb Tip with PVC carry case.