Extreme Survival by Rendyz Virgiawan, Idodaniels and Mikha Khannaniel video DOWNLOAD

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A Collaboration between Rendy'z virgiawan, Idodaniels and Mikha Khannaniel

A new project based on Mikha's underground project, "Extreme Survival".

Comes with 6 impromptu routines you can do anywhere, anytime.

Rubber bands, coins, candy, money and bottle.

Candy Transpo:
Pick a 2 candies and make them switch places.

CS Transpo:
A new simple way to do copper silver.

Imaginary Coin:
They imagine a coin and it appears. 

Translucent Rubber:
A visual eye popper with jut one rubber band.

Money Change:
Peel off the label on a bottle, and slowly change it into money.

Grab a straw, grab a bottle, and do a solid thru solid effect with no gimmicks, and 100% examinable

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