Forcing Shopping Bag by Mr. Magic - Trick

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This is a very cleverly-designed shopping bag that allows you to force one item on the spectator without their knowledge. The objects can be seen through the bag, yet you are in control of which person gets the object you wish to force!

You can force plastic eggs with prizes inside, balls, photos, and other small objects.

Imagine the bag being full of colored balls. Have an audience member hold onto a prediction sealed in an envelope. Five volunteers are seated in chairs numbered 1 through 5. Each reaches into the bag and removes a ball from it. The audience member holding your prediction opens it up. It states that the person in chair #5 will select the red ball - and it's exactly correct!

You can perform mind-boggling mentalism effects, or a "Bank Night" effect where the spectators get one-dollar bills, but when you reach in, yours is a 100-dollar bill! Your imagination's the limit! They will never suspect this extremely well-constructed bag.