Grid Series Four - Typographic Playing Cards

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Incredibly bright, neon green ink meets the unique typographic design style where Luke's journey in cards began - Grid is back by popular demand, and this deck packs a punch!
  • Fully custom, unique typographic design using full bleed neon ink
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • One time print run of 2500 decks
  • Slimline stock with True Linen B9 finish
  • 56 cards including 2 diptych jokers, 1 green screen card and 1 ad card
  • Reacts with UV light
  • Custom seal
The first deck Luke created was Grid Series One, with the ambition to create three decks. Little did he know, the typographic designs would become synonymous with his work, and the Grid collection highly sought after - its expansion breathes exciting new life in to the card community. Enter series four (GS4).

This fully custom deck utilizes different typographic and iconic representation of card faces, from traditional indices through to large typographic values, and timeline style details. Designed to be read in a multitude of ways, the card faces and additional cards are guaranteed to stand out in any collection, and combined with a card back designed for unique fans and spreads, GS4 is a must have for the collector and cardist alike.

With full bleed neon Pantone cards and tuck boxes becoming incredibly hard to find due to printers now not offering the service, or charging a premium for it, this Grid deck owns the vibrant color throughout and gives you the standout, typographic deck you didn't know you needed.

Typography: The art or procedure of arranging type.

Grid Playing Cards are a collection based on the design principles of the International Typographic Style, otherwise known as the 'Swiss Style' of graphic design. Its main principles are readability and cleanliness, with most creations adopting an asymmetric layout, always based on the use of a grid. These grids, usually made up of hidden columns and rows, are used to align words, numbers, pictures, and patterns, so each series in the Grid Collection adopts these principles. There are now with four series as well as special and limited editions, each tackling the use of text and graphics in their own way.

Designed by Luke Wadey
Photography by Ryan Smith