Grump Mints by Archie McPhee

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Do you know someone who's always grumpy and grim and every time you see them they have a fresh whine ready and waiting to assault your ears with? Moping about is their forte, sporting a permanent frown is their only way, and all they do is grumble and gripe about this and that?

We've got just the thing for them. Grump Mints are unique, in that they've been specifically designed to assist in shutting grumps the hell up. Give them this tin of Grump Mints and they won't be able to stop popping the deliciously sweet mints into their mouths. A mouthful of mints tastes great and inhibits their ability to whine and express their grumpiness.

And if they do happen to be able to gripe and groan out around the mints in their mouth, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the freshness of their breath, replacing the bitter smell of regret, pain and unhappiness that normally exits their mouth hole.

They get to eat mints - you get to live without hearing about their woes - and when they do open their mouths the air is freshened with a minty scent.

Everybody wins!

  • Mints for grumpy gits
  • Freshen breath & stifle rants
  • They come in a handy tin!
  • 24 grams of minty sweetness