Houdini's Card Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - Trick

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Houdini's Card Trick by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

"Houdini was famous as an escape artist, but what few people today realise is that not only was he a gifted magician who started out billed as 'The King Of Kards', but he was also fascinated with spiritualism, the weirdness of coincidences and mind-reading. He was a master of publicity, and never missed a chance to fool a reporter and hence get his name in the papers. This was the trick he'd turn to when performing for editors and journalists."

You talk about Houdini's love of publicity, and his favourite card trick that he turned to whenever he was showing something to an editor or journalist. You take out and show a postcard bearing an aged picture of a random mess of face-up cards that illustrates Houdini's effect and recreate that Houdini moment when he dropped a deck of cards in a mess on the floor! The assisting spectator simply thinks of one of the playing cards in the photograph.

You demonstrate convincingly you had predicted their merely thought choice well in advance. Quick, dispensable and mystifying with Wayne's charming storyline together with custom designed props and ideas by Alan Wong. It resets in an instant and you will always carry the envelope with you.

Important things to note about the Houdini's Card Trick:
  • It's TOUCHLESS - Spectator only THINKS of a card and no need to touch anything. Perfect for Zoom.
  • YOU NAME AND REVEAL the spectator's thought of card. Not that they tell you what card they choose and then you reveal it. It makes a difference.
  • You are only a storyteller in this great mystery effect. The Great Houdini reveals the spectator's chosen card in his message.
Houdini knew.