Introvert Mints by Archie McPhee

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Not our Introvert Mints! Since it’s likely that no one will ever see these mints, you can smile to yourself every time you see the tin! Instead, you can enjoy your own fresh breath when you’re snuggled all comfy on your couch under a blanket.

While the mercilessly un-silent majority use breath mints because they’re worried about other people smelling their bad breath, but introverts know that you should make your breath fresh for you! Do something for yourself and enjoy our ... you deserve fresh breath too! Along with more peace and quiet.

A fun gift for all of you extroverts out there, to give your introvert friends, if you're lucky enought to have any. Encourage them to get out every once and awhile, and they can introduce these mints into any awkward forced social interaction.

One Tin. Includes .85 oz. of mints. Tin measures approximately 3.2 inches long x 1.5 inches long x .5 inch tall.

Introverts of the world unite! In the privacy of your own homes.