Jurassigram by Leonardo Flores - Book

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In a time where prop less mentalism is reigning comes JURASSIGRAM by Leonardo Flores.

A prop less routine...with props.

Imagine taking your spectators in a nostalgic Journey to Steven Spielberg's 1993 Jurassic Park. They see the wooden gates open as they are riding the all familiar jeep looking around at the jungle and listening to the sounds of nature. They think of a dinosaur as the jeep comes into a halt in front of a caged exhibition. They hear the footsteps approaching as the glass of water on the dashboard of the car is shaking, creating ripples of anxiety.

And there it is...in all of it's glory...the dinosaur they thought of staring them in the face.

Jurassigram comes with two versions:

A cleverly hidden dinosaur divination that will leave your spectators gasping. Designed in such a clever fashion that your spectators will be left speechless wondering how on earth could you know? Everything is hidden in the narrative of the journey.

Using 5 game-like dinosaur cards you instantly can reveal the one they selected in a dramatic fashion. They select a dinosaur card and secure it in an envelope. You start dealing the rest of the cards face down using the dinosaur prints on the back of cards as a dramatic image of the dinosaur approaching them. by the end of the process you can 100% reveal the chosen dinosaur.

Jurassigram is a beautifully produced and detailed booklet that comes with a bespoke envelope containing seven (7) wonderfully designed plastic cards that can be used instead of the prop less method. These cards pack small so that you can always carry them in your wallet as part of your EDC.

The cards you receive are:
  • Plastic
  • Untearable
  • Waterproof
Leonardo Flores was so preoccupied with whether or not he could create a most powerful routine without stopping to think if he should. Well, he did! And now it is yours to enjoy.