Las Vegas Gambling Guide by Matthew Pomeroy - Book

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What happens in Vegas stays IN YOUR POCKET...
...Take these two beautifully printed books with you and have access to over fifteen... (yes, fifteen!) different effects for close up and stage!

The Las Vegas Gambling Guide books look like they've been picked from the side of any of the strip's dazzling hotels. However, they are deviously supercharged with a whole host of secrets including a brilliantly applied and ultra-deceiving Svengali principle - making certain tricks entirely self contained and self working.

Here are just some of the effects you can do with the Las Vegas Gambling Guide:

Flick through the book and show a plethora of different Las Vegas hotel talked about on each individual page - they really are all different! Get your spectator to lift up any random page and remember the hotel... not just the hotel but a playing card, a dice value or maybe even a roulette number, all displayed in the page graphics. You are then able to predict or reveal all the information before going one step further and revealing a word on the page!

Did you know your guide also works as a powerful peek device!? Get your audience member to write down the name of a loved one, draw a picture or even their pin number and and your book will securely tell you exactly who or what it is.

A three-part epic based on Mathew's favorite card trick 'Shuffled Board' by Simon Aronson. Get your spectator to shuffle a deck of cards face up and face down. But before doing so, you've stuck your business card into a page of your guide which reveals the exact number of face down cards, the exact number of red cards and how many are spades! Unfortunately, you're wrong by one card... so watch their face drop as you simply turn the page to magically fix the error!

Fruit Machine
Time to bring out your second book and flick through to show every page with a different slot machine outcome on it. Get one spectator (or three!) to stop at a random page and remember one of the symbols on the reels. Impossibly, you hit the jackpot and are able to correctly guess all of them in the order they appear. Also includes a tossed out deck style presentation using multiple spectators.

Flick to a map of all the hotels on the Las Vegas strip. Get your spectator to circle a random area of the page behind their back. Unbelievably, their blindly circled hotel is revealed on the velvet pouch you carry your books in that has been on the table the whole time. The best bit. - this page can be used over and over again as it's dry wipe!

Self working and wonderfully interactive - flick to a grid showing lots of different hotels and ask your spectator to focus on any one. Without looking, give them some random instructions (e.g. move up one square, move left two) before they end up on their final choice. Again, you are able to predict the exact hotel they will end up on.

Teach A Trick
Ever been asked to teach your spectator a trick? Now you can. A powerful, yet simple self working card trick in which the instructions are read from the book allowing your spectators to perform a memorable moment of magic.

Almost ACAN
Shuffle a deck of cards before bringing out some dice in a cup that your spectator will shake before adding up the total value. Unbelievably, the card on the front page matches the card in THAT NUMBER location in the deck. Instantly repeatable for a different spectator using a different playing card on the back of the book. *Dice not included

A super fun illusion and super fast magic for any age using one single page of the book. Get your spectator to pick an animal and reveal it... incorrectly! Watch their smiles as you turn the page upside down to show their animal is indeed a penguin, not a giraffe.

The Barcode
Why not reveal a totally randomly generated number on the barcode of the book!? Picture perfect for the Toxic Force though Matthew also teaches an 'add a number' method you'll find an array of uses for.

Free Choice
Another page... another miracle. Borrow four random items like a wallet, watch, keys and pen. Again, the item they select matches what the page says they'll choose - and it's been open to that page the whole time.

Lucky Number
Your spectator thinks of any number... inside your guide book is one loose banknote which has their lucky number written on it. *Needs a little something extra most magicians will have laying around

Wait... there's more!

Secret Stack
The guide even cribs one of most popular and versatile card stacks ever created - Juan Tamariz Mnemonica Stack - hiding in plain sight - so you can refer to it whenever you need.

A Simple Choice BONUS
Learn a basic business card force that works with or without the guide - write random objects on business cards- link and relate to Las Vegas - learn a stack BONUS -perfect for table hopping and walking around - leaves a business card.

Get Down
The Las Vegas Gambling Guide is a terrific reason to learn basic 'equivoque' and Matthew Pomeroy will show you how. If you can force a playing card then you'll appreciate so many more multiple card revelations and kickers from cover to cover.

A Nod To Others
Last but not least, the books pay homage to Liam Montier's brilliant 'What Happens In Vegas' effect with a Jack of Hearts reveal. Plus, Oz Pearlman's 21st Century Phantom.

...These powerhouse pocket books really are jam packed with more magic you can imagine and literally give you access to an entire show based around the world's most enchanting place - Las Vegas. This project really is the result of ten years work from renowned international star Matthew Pomeroy for whom the Las Vegas Gambling Guide has served unbelievably well for over a decade.

VIVA The Las Vegas Gambling Guide - they really are a thing of beauty bringing the power and magic of Las Vegas to your pocket in what will surely feel like a truly unlimited number of effects.

Included in the set:
  • Las Vegas Gambling Guide Book
  • Fruit Machine Book
  • Other accessory type items like cards, business cards, dice, pens etc will be needed in some of the routines and are not included