Leo's Totally Nuts (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Leo Smetsers - Trick

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Leo's Totally Nuts is a powerhouse of an act. Yes, an act! Leo's Totally Nuts is not just one routine -- it's a modular close-up act featuring multiple effects that may be added or removed to fit your performing situation and/or time.

Leo's Totally Nuts is fun, hard hitting and has a killer ending which brings this fun act to a brilliant closure.

Leo's Totally Nuts is a precision-made set that comes with everything you need to perform the entire act. Not only that, you get a full online tutorial. And as a bonus, we also include Leo's full 3 shell game video!

Leo's Totally Nuts package includes:
  • Three shell game
  • Ring on rope
  • Two in the hand
  • The bill tube