LIVE Celebration Tour '91: Volume One by Rand Woodbury

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“I produced the reason. To teach by example. That’s how we all learn and are inspired to learn and a picture is worth a thousand words. And there hours of images which contain useful information.

Yes, there is a performance portion on the DVD, but you also get 7 bonus features – which instructs you – through observation how to deal with a technical theater problem, while you laugh your butt off. The intire DVD is inspirational and while teaching you by example how to deal with audience members or showing you illusions no one has ever seen before.

Because I have worked on ship’s for 20 plus years, no one has really ever seen me work. So here there chance to experience something no one has seen before and presented in a way no one has seen before. It is teach by example – in a new way!”
-Rand Woodbury

Without the aid of television exposure, over the past 18 years Rand Woodbury has entertained over three and a half million people, …on Carnival Cruise Lines ships alone. And that’s a conservative estimate.

If there has been one question asked of Rand, time after time, it is, “Can I get a video of your show?” For the longest time Mr. Woodbury has politely refused. Now, after 21 years, Rand has agreed to a DVD series of his live performances.

Seen here on “Rand Woodbury LIVE”: You’ll get to see why this man is not just a magician but an entertainer first. You’ll see effects from Rand’s first book; Illusionworks. You’ll be allowed access to a man who is alive on stage. You’ll feel what it must have been like to be there that night. That enerrgy does come through and spills on to your TV screen.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 03min