A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin (Open Box)

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Not sealed and has very few minor scratches but still playable.

"Wow. This is sure to be a modern classic. It's absolutely sensational and completely fooled me." -Andy Nyman

"A Single Needle is smart, streamlined and powerful. It's like finding a needle in a Houchin haystack" -Lee Asher

"Wayne is one of the most talented and effective magicians in the world. His magic simply mesmerizes and this is no exception!" -Aaron Fisher

The performer swallows a needle, wraps a length of thread around a volunteer’s finger and places the other end in his mouth. He slowly eats the thread, eventually backing away to reveal the needle impossibly tied onto the string.

A Single Needle is Wayne Houchin’s take on the classic needle swallowing effect. SIMPLE , CLEAR and absolutely INSANE, Houchin has distilled the effect down to it's very essence.

What makes this version unique is that Wayne utilizes a brilliant new method which allows the volunteer to hold the string as the needle is retrieved.

    • Clever and unique handling keeps the thread visible at all times
    • Multiple methods taught
    • Create the illusion of a VERY dangerous situation

Multiple techniques are discussed that enhance the illusion of danger while keeping the effect as safe as possible.

Although Wayne has taken every step possible to create the safest version of this effect, there will always be some risk of injury. Purchasers and/or performers of this effect assume all risks involved.


Wonder Awaits.

DVD features live performance, interviews and a detailed explanation. 40 minutes.