Minuscule Mentalism by Mark Strivings - Trick

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A full-length exploration into the creation of miniatures 'sets' of mentalism material using the simplest of props - a box of matches or a handful of coins.

Armed with nothing more than a box of matches or a small handful of coins, you can now entertain your close up audiences with amazing demonstrations of mentalism. It's intimate. It's amazing.

But as is true of the vast majority of mentalism, this material doesn't have to exclusively be used close-up. With proper presentation virtually all of this material can be played to much larger audiences if you wish. That said the properties involved are definitely small and extremely portable. This is the kind of material that you can easily carry with you under any circumstances and do anywhere.

This is worker material.

There are approximately 50 effects in these pages. Some deal specifically with matches, some deal specifically with coins. Still others can be performed with either set of props. All of this material is novel and like nothing that your audience will have ever seen before. Create your own 'set'!

Altogether, this amazing tome weighs in at about 80 pages, comb bound in card covers.