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The Coin Through Glass effect is one of those rare effects, where so simple and straightforward can create such a powerful impact in the audiences mind ——

A coin, signed by an audience member, vanished, then suddenly teleports and appears between two glasses in an instant, accompanied by the sound of coins as if falling from the air.

Due to the extremely popular nature of the effect, there are many effects on the market surrounding this premise.

What we are presenting today is our version of the effect.

Co-Presented with FISM Grand Prix Champion and Asia's Got Talent Champion Eric Chien.

Nearly 16 months in development, three redesigns and reworkings, dozens of optimization and improvement tests.

We are going to release what is perhaps the Ultimate version of Signed Coin to Glass —— Portal.

It is perhaps the most complicated Close-Up Pad to date.

It has physical button controls on both left and right sides, as well as remote control. The effect can even be performed totally hands off.

The mat surface is made by Eric himself and is extremely deceptive.

The frame of the close-up pad is made of high-quality red rosewood.

Due to the extremely limited interior space and strict control of how thin the pad can be,  more than 40 components had to be carefully designed to fit efficiently.

Due to the complex structure and high precision requirements, even at the mass production stage, more than 50% of the construction and assembly processes need to be completed individually by hand.

If you have watched Eric's Online lecture, you would know his thinking behind, and the deceptiveness of the pad surface.

The coins used can be up to 38mm in diameter. However, due to its weight and size, a half-dollar is considered relatively large, the bounce speed is not as fast as that of small coins. Therefore, the smaller coins are preferred. (A US Quarter is 24.26 mm in diameter.)

About the sound

We have put in a lot of thought in hopes of making the effect silent and completely concealed, and have put tremendous effort into this process.

Even so, due to internal space constraints and the nature of the components, in a dead silent environment, there is still an inevitable sound for about one second when the mechanism is turned on. Nevertheless, in a regular performance environment, plus the performer's patter or the music, the sound can be hidden and goes unnoticed. You could perform this closeup.

Key information you might be interested in:

  • Only one coin is used from beginning to end. No switch is necessary.
  • Two methods of control. It has physical button controls on both left and right sides, as well as a remote control.
  • It has a 1800mAH lithium battery that can last for 80-100 performances when fully charged.
  • Uses a magnetic charging port and has a convenient power indicator.
  • The extremely deceptive pad surface is made by Eric himself and is what Eric uses for his own performances.
  • The frame of the close-up pad is made of high-quality red rosewood and looks very grandiose even when used as an ordinary close-up pad.

The complete set includes:

  • Close-up pad × 1
  • Remote control × 1
  • Data charging cable × 1
  • Large glass × 1
  • Small glass × 1
  • The close-up pad measures 42 x 28 x 2.8cm.

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