Pure Magic! by Henry Gross

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This is from an estate sale in Good Condition.  There is mild toning around the edges of the paper.  

Amaze your friends by defying nature!  Pass coins through solid wood, toss a coin in the air and find it behind your elbow, turn red silks into blue, cut ribbon, and find it miraculously restored. 

You can develop a vast repertoire of mystifying tricks with the basic sleight of hand succinctly outlined in Pure Magic!  You don't need any special skills or previous experience--adults and children alike can learn to gracefully vanish silks and coins, fan a deck of cards, make sponge balls appear and disappear.  And you don't need a lot of elaborate equipment-all the tricks in this book can be performed impromptu with familiar objects found around the house.  Explicit photographs and complete, step-by-step directions present the basic sleights; with these skills at your fingertips you can begin to perform.

From years of experience as a close-up magician, Henry Gross not only teaches the techniques of magic, but explains the subtle art of presentation: how to develop a convincing style, how to compose patter to accompany the tricks and entertain your audience, how to divert the audience's attention, and how to combine a series of sleights into a delightful routine.  This is the art of magic, fun to perform and dazzling to watch.