Ring in Bottle & BarBlade (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett & Brian Caswell - Trick

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Let the audience examine a glass bottle and a ring.

The ring clearly will not fit inside the bottle.

You show how solid passes through solid by linking the ring on and off of a solid hoop!

The spectator still cannot push the ring inside the bottle, BUT with a click of the fingers, either you or the spectator pushes the ring right inside.

Now the spectator cannot remove it.
You clearly show the ring cannot fall out as it is too large for the neck of the bottle.

Whenever you want, you can remove the ring from the bottle.

This a complete routine: you learn how to produce the bottle and how to link a solid hoop to the ring, as well as how to push the ring into the bottle and remove it.

Tom Brooks's BarBlade - a top class routine.

The BarBlade provides the ultimate solid barrier, yet you can still join rings and solid objects through it onto a hoop.

Professionally presented in a rectangular box, you are provided with all of the props needed for both Ring in Bottle & BarBlade.

Online instructions are also supplied.

This works great on its own and can also be easily combined with any close up linking rings routine.

Ring in Bottle & BarBlade is ideal for all close-up magicians, regardless of whether you perform with linking rings or not.

Easy to perform and a variety of routines are included, making it ideal for both beginners and professional sleight of hand workers.

Visual magic at its finest.

Ring in Bottle created by Matthew Garrett & Michael O'Brien
BarBlade created by Tom Brooks

Matthew Garrett (UK), Michael O'Brien (USA) with Bar Blade routine from Tom Brooks (UK).

RiB & BarBlade CONTENTS:
  • Basic routine
  • Linking using the key
  • Advanced Switch
  • Removing the Ring
  • Involving Spectators
  • Bottle Production
  • Ninja+ Showdown
  • BarBlade
  • Tom Brooks Routine
  • Shapes
  • Ring In Bottle Routine
  • Ninja+ Showdown
Total Running Time 63 mins