Rouge Amethyst Purple (Marking System) Playing Cards

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 1000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Rogue Amethyst Purple Playing Cards is a modern take on classic casino-style playing cards.

What makes this deck different from any normal deck of cards is the integrated marking system. The marking system is easy to learn, yet spectators that are unaware of the markings will not notice the markings. The face cards utilize a new suit design with recolored standard court cards. The face cards also display the pips/value of the cards on all four corners of each card, making it easy for poker players to take a sneak peek at their card without lifting it off the table (although this deck is being sold for entertainment purposes only).

Only 1000 decks were printed by MPC. Designed by JasonNguyenDesigns

  • Gloss tuck box finish
  • Traditionally cut
  • 4 corner pips
  • Custom suits/pips
  • Standard Court cards without border
  • Borderless back design
  • Marking system on back design
  • Poker hand info card
The marking system is simplistic and easy to remember. The back design itself will not have the red color; it is just there as an indication of where the marking is. The marking system layout uses 4 circles forming a diamond, and 4 squares forming a bigger square. These markings are found at the top left corner. You can tell because the markings will have a thicker/bolder line than the others. Those who know where the markings are could easily spot them, but it can also be easily looked over by anyone (maybe even magicians or cheats).