S-Ray by Sun - Trick

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We got an idea from the Neon Thru Balloon and created a totally new device. Your audience will be mesmerized by you just with S-Ray and the smoke that comes out. Let us introduce some of the many advantages of S-Ray.

Smoke System

The addition of the smoke system makes the rays look more intimidating. Smoke can be made whenever the magician wants it.

Incredible Brightness

All audiences can see your performance well in any venue.

Not Glass

High durability with the use of acrylic Even if it breaks, it is not dangerous and can be repaired with ease.

High Capacity Charging Battery

You no longer have to buy disposable batteries for every performance. Also, the battery is so large that you do not need to charge it every time.

Magnetic Locking System

If you close the case, the magnet join and locks even more perfectly.

Suitable Weight

It is not too light or heavy and has a great grip so it is easy to control.

Online Lecture

You can learn all the magic that appear in the trailer video.

Once you try using S-Ray, it will become a must-have item for your performance. Please feel the other advantages for yourself.

What's in the Box
  • S-Ray
  • Smoke Liquid
  • Charger Line
  • Extra Coils
  • Balloons
  • Manual
  • Instruction QR Code

Note: We inform you that S-Ray has been manufactured with official permission from Dan Birch, the creator of the original device Neon Thru Balloon.