Scar Tissue by Seth Race

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"Seth has taken the card blister effect to the limit! Such a smart idea. Every magician will definitely wanna carry this effect with them." - Jimmy Strange, creator of Replica

"Scar Tissue by Seth Race takes the blister card effect to the 21st Century. This method allows you to get a blister of ANY named card right in front of your audience with no pocket work or fumbling. If you can’t use a lighter or open flame, no problem. This will become your new, favorite EDC item. Recommended." - Tim Trono, creator of Branded

Reveal the identity of ANY playing card in blisters on your finger. This isn’t a pipe dream. This is
a utility device that hides in plain sight on your everyday carry. Take the classic blister effect to
the next level with the revelation of a named card scorched onto your fingertips with Scar Tissue
by Seth Race.

Here’s what happens:

You have a card freely chosen by your spectators. The selection is genuinely free; they can even shuffle the deck before they select the card. The spectator uses a marker to write down the identity of the card on a piece of paper. The paper is burned, and suddenly the magician reacts as though the spectator is burning not just the paper but also the magician. When the magician’s hand is examined, the image of the selected card’s identity is shown as angry blisters bubbling up on their fingertips.

Scar Tissue is a specially designed cap that fits right on top of your existing Sharpie marker. This specially designed cap has been engineered to be able to quickly and easily impress any named card onto your index finger and thumb. In addition to the basic routine, Seth teaches you numerous routines that will get monster reactions from your audience. The blister effect is a modern classic that has been performed by working pros all over the world. Now all 52 cards are at your fingertips when you perform Scar Tissue by Seth Race.