Steel in Base (2 Balls) by Leo Smetsers - Trick

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Leo Smetsers has done it again with his Steel'in Base balls.

What Leo has done is create a leather Cups and Balls baseball set that have a core of hollow steel, which means it will stick to a magnet. Perfect for turning any cup into an impromptu Chop Cup (by using a PK ring etc) Now at any time during your Cups and Balls routine you can add a Chop Cup phase without having to look for the combo cup in your set and that's if you even have one!

The Steel'in Base Balls are perfect for vanishes because when you are wearing a magnetic Neo Ring and the balls will attach themselves effortlessly. BUT how heavy are these balls I hear you ask? Well, clever Leo has had the Steel hollowed out so each ball only weighs 13 grams (I know right, not much difference to a normal leather Cups and Balls baseball) and they are 26/27mm which make them perfect for Cups and Balls, Impromptu Chop Cup routines and more.

*Please be aware that most Chop Cups have steel inside and not magnets so the Steel'in Base balls will require a magnetic ring or something similar to attach themselves to.