STOP-IT by Leon the Park - Trick

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Leon the Park's first work!: STOP-IT

You can perform many effects using Post-it.

Show the audience a post-it with various words written on it.

The audience freely chooses one of them.

It seems perfectly free selection.

In fact, you can let the audience see what you want!

STOP-IT includes all required gimmick. Detailed explanation video.

You can make the gimmick very easily and quickly with provided set.

A total of six tricks are included, and the applicability is infinite!

Make trick using STOP-IT in your own style.

Force-It: In Post-it, where all different kinds of food are written, the audience chooses one food.
The prepared envelope contains flyers of the food selected by the audience.

Change-It: In Post-it, where all different kinds of movies are written, the audience chooses one movie.
After finding the movie that the audience chooses in a very visually, all the letters will be changed to the movie they chose.

Knew-It: The audience will guess the card that the magician has already put down.

Move-It: When the audience chooses a card, the person drawn on the post-it moves and finds the card that the exact selection.

Read-It: Read the audience's mind and answer them without listening to them.

POSTACAAN: Any Card At Any Number using Post-It.

The card that the audience said is at the number that the audience said.