The Master Billet Index Package by Mark Strivings - Trick

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The best-built and most widely-used billet indexes in the world of mentalism can now be yours. Based on the classic 'Annemann' design, these billet indexes are made for years of constant use. In fact, I still use my original set that I first constructed decades ago.

These are based on the classic Annemann design and work incredibly well. With these two indexes, you can easily store and have available up to 52 pieces of information ready to be accessed in a heartbeat at any time. In fact, it is said that Annemann himself never left the house without a set (as he made them back then) in his pocket. He found them to be that valuable!

Annemann would have loved what I have done with his design. The way I make them, they are now virtually indestructible. They operate perfectly. They are made to exacting standards that allow for an ease of operation unparalleled before. Place a set in each pocket and you are armed and ready to go anytime, anywhere.

What do you do with them? The short and flip answer is, anything you want! The more informative answer is virtually unlimited. Have common men's and women's names in the indexes and be ready to show (when the proper opportunity arises, of course) that you knew ahead of time who you might meet at random that day. Show that you have cleanly predicted what playing card someone has merely thought of. Show that you knew what someone's star sign is before you even meet them. These are just three simple examples of what is possible with these amazing indexes. Truly, you are limited only by your own imagination.

Having said that, would you like a huge jump-start on ways to use these incredible indexes?

I include a 44-page book of ideas, handlings, routines and techniques that will set your mind reeling with possibilities! Included with these instructions are not only ideas of what to put into these incredible devices, but also how to reveal what you've got at your fingertips. Believe me when I tell you, if you have never explored the possibilities of a really good index, you cannot possibly imagine the impact that these miracles can have. The ratio of effect to method is positively ridiculous. This is the stuff of endless miracles!

These are made just like Annemann did decades ago, only better. I make them in high quality plastic playing cards. These are an ideal size and shape to work perfectly in virtually any readily accessible pocket and can hold tons of information. There are thirteen compartments per unit and there are two units per set. But I have made some very specific and important changes to what Annemann had available to him all those years ago. These are built like a tank! They can handle just about any level of use that you might throw at them, and they are designed for a lifetime of consistent results.

Your set comes with the 44-page manual and are ready to load and use right out of the package.

Be sure to note, these are NOT card indexes. These are billet indexes.

If you are wanting to index a full deck of playing cards, I can do no better than to point you in the direction of the great Ted Lesley's classic book, Paramiracles. He lays out a beautiful card index where the deck itself becomes the index. It's a winner and quite possibly the simplest, most readily accessible full-card, full-deck index available anywhere.

But if you are looking to work with slips of paper, folded business cards or anything else along this line, you have the very best device you will ever find right here.

You can own this incredible device along with the most complete work in the literature on the subject (44 pages jammed with info!).