The Super Sight by Magical Wonders

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Effect: You hand a spectator a plush velvet pouch and ask her to remove the contents. She removes a solid brass canister (just under 2" tall) with a screw-on lid and 5 different colored brass discs. As she inspects the contents of the pouch you turn your back. (Alternately, you can leave the room.)

You instruct her to choose a disc, place it into the velvet pouch, and place the velvet pouch into her pocket. Still in a position such that it is completely impossible for you to see the spectator, you ask her to place the four remaining disks into the canister and screw on the lid.

Now, there is absolutely no way that anyone can see into the sealed bag or brass canister. (All props withstand immediate and prolonged inspection.)

Turning finally to face the spectator, you remark that you have the power of "Super Sight." You pick up the canister, making sure the lid is on firmly, and drop it into your other hand. Placing the canister on the counter, you stare at her pocket as though you're looking right through it.

You make eye contact with the spectator and tell her exactly what four colors are in the canister and what color is sealed in the bag.

She pulls the pouch out of her pocket, opens it up, and looks at you with utter amazement. Astonishing!

Everything that comes inside the box is able to be inspected....except for the instructions.

We love the secret, and we feel completely confident you'll love it too. Super Sight is a quality prop that you will be proud to own and perform.