Transaction US (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Fowler - Trick

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Hand your spectator FIVE supermarket receipts. Let them check they are ALL completely different and ask them to focus on ONE item from one of the receipts.

In what feels like real mind reading, you are able to REVEAL the exact item they are thinking of... and the exact price paid. They could have picked ANY ITEM from a long list in which EVERY ITEM is completely different. Should they want to, they are then free to re-examine ALL of the receipts (listing over 100 items) and they'll find NOTHING suspicious... not a sausage

TRANSACTION is a book test that fits in your every day wallet, featuring the most ORGANIC and RELATABLE of things... shopping receipts.

The receipts hold a range of diabolical secrets that make this one of the most powerful and natural pieces of mind-reading or mentalism you can do, impromptu. They've been so meticulously and deviously designed and printed, your audience will have no idea they did not come from the till roll of a local supermarket.

Anybody can perform this. No memorization is required nor complicated math involved.

The secret lies within the receipts themselves and the method is as simple as it could possibly be - involving some of the BEST book test/mentalism principles known to magi and some brand new concepts you've never seen before, devised just for a book test of this nature.

What you'll receive:
  • FIVE RECEIPTS (US VERSION: Three from Walmart | Two from Costco)
  • Online tutorial, live performances and routines from Paul Fowler, Mark Traversoni and iNFiNiTi
- Packs small plays big
- Fits in your wallet
- Part of your everyday carry
- Takes up no pocket space
- Goes where you go

This is the good old fashioned 'Book Test' without a book.