Ultimate Nervous Breakdown 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick

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The Ultimate version of Dominique Duvivier's best-seller "Nervous Breakdown".

A super bluffing mentalism trick that's easy to do!

Imagine: you show an opened wallet, with four cards on one side, these are the four Aces; you announce that you have placed one of the Aces face up, among the other three faces down; this Ace is the one that the spectator will think!On the other side of the wallet, there is a prediction card: it is a Queen.

The spectator freely thinks of one of the Aces: Spades, Heart, Clubs or Diamonds.
No force, no magician choice. The choice is completely free.

In spite of these laboratory conditions, you show that you had planned everything in advance, and you will prove it in many ways:
  • The only one face-up ace is indeed the one thought up by the spectator!
  • This Ace has a different colored back than the other Aces!
  • The prediction card is the Queen of the same "Family" as the thought card. For example, if the spectator had mentally chosen the Ace of Clubs, it is the Queen of Club that the magician will show!
  • And icing on the cake, when you turn over what are supposed to be the other three Aces, it is in fact the other three Queens that you are showing; so you end up with only the thought Ace, and a Four of a Kind of Queens!

    So, will you tell me, what are the differences with "Nervous Breakdown", the previous version?
  • This "Ultimate" version of this trick allows you to handle ALL the cards for examination at the end of the trick.
  • It is provided with a beautiful high quality leather wallet.
  • The "Family" of the prediction card always corresponds exactly to that of the thought card; in other words, if the Ace of Diamonds is the thought card, the prediction card will be the Queen of Diamonds. It will be the same for the other three families, i.e. Spades, Hearts or Clubs!

  • The trick is completely automatic.
  • The card is thought completely freely.
  • All cards are handled for examination at the end of the trick.

    We provide you with:
  • A high quality leather wallet.
  • Additional cards in Bicycle quality.
  • Instructions video online with detailed explanations of 2 different routines.