Ultimate Tossed Out Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Himitsu Magic - Trick

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The effect of the Ultimate Tossed Out Deck is to throw the cards out into the audience and ask people to peek at a card and remember it. The deck is thrown to 3-4 participants, with each person remembering one card. Amazingly, the magician names the cards that the audience member had remembered. One by one, the magician names a card, and audience members sit down when they hear their card called. It is a classic of magic - very interactive and powerful!

Now, with this Ultimate Tossed Out Deck, you can allow 1-2 viewers to be shown the whole deck to see that every card is different. Even with this examination, and even SHUFFLING the deck, the magic still happens, and is therefore more powerful! This Ultimate Tossed Out Deck can also be performed for one person!