Your Money's Mirth by Frank Herman

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This is from an estate sale in Like New Condition

Some quotes from Frances Marshall: 

"No spectator can ignore a money trickd" 

"In good times or bad, money always attracts attention"

"Nothing on Earth attracts as much attention as money...not even nudes"

An ancient sage: "Money is power...and...power corrupts".

Smart performers soon learn the power of Magic with money.  Unfortunately, too many magicians corrupt these alluring effects with the same, tired wheezes..."Do you know how to DOUBLE your money"? "Now it's INCREASED"...etc, etc...yipes!

"Your Money's Mirth" contains scores of other sparkling things to say...And it's all in one handy volume.  The old tried and true standards have been updated and combined with a flock of material that has never appeared in print before.  

"Your Money's Mirth" sizzles with gags, one liners, stories and showbiz bits that will add merryment to all tricks with money or things that represent the universal allure of wealth. 

Patter themes, sight bits and situation comedy to use with: Misers Dream, Matrix, Bill in Lemon, Card in Wallet, Six Bill Repeat, Pickpocket, Money Machine, Torn or Cut Bills, Jumbo Money, Mini Currency, Money Folding, Rings, Watches, Floating Bill and much, much more.  Patter that alludes to inflation, taxes, salary, rebate coupons, anything and everything that captures the interest of modern audiences. 

More than 180 items guarantee that you will collect the Prime Rate of 100% compound interest from "Your Money's Mirth".