Whether children or adults, magic is something everyone appreciates regardless of one's age. However, learning and mastering magic tricks that impress the audience is not always easy, as there is much nuance related to these tricks.  

So, how do you get started with magic tricks and treats? Fortunately, the Magic Shop San Diego is here at your rescue with an exquisite collection of magic tricks, props, and treats.   

Be it for beginners or veteran magicians who perform tricks for significant audiences, we have something for everyone. So, let's check out some of these unique magical offerings to help you start on the right foot.    

Magic For Beginners 

Learning and mastering magic tricks takes time, but since you have to start somewhere, we have numerous offerings for beginners. These magic props and tricks are designed with the beginner magician in mind, helping you learn magic tricks and the art of deception.     

Our San Diego Magic Shop offers magic tricks and props for beginners that include:  

  • Disappearing Deck By Magic Shop San Diego
  • The Crazy Cube
  • Magic Coin Slide by Empire
  • Zig Zag Rope By Loftus 
  • Color Changing Knife or Knives By Empire Magic

Magic With Playing Magic Cards

Who does not love a magic trick using magic cards? Most people love these tricks, making them the ideal choice to win large audiences. Our Magic Shop in San Diego is no stranger to people's fascination with card magic tricks, and hence, we offer countless props and tricks you can use for performing card magic tricks. Some of the best-known of these offerings include:

  • Crazy Hole 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain 
  • All in by Allan Ackerman and John Lovick
  • Definitive Sankey Volume 3 by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc. Magic
  • Spex Glasses by Magic Dream         
  • Extinct by Agustin 

Magic With Mentalism

Our magical offerings do not just end with conventional magic props. Our Magic Shop in San Diego also offers many props and tricks for mentalism. Mentalism is leveraging an effective understanding of human psychology and body language to influence others to deliver incomprehensible psychological experiences. Magic tricks with mentalism are unique and can leave any audience amazed. So, if you are interested in mentalism, here are some of our relevant offerings.      

  • Pendulum Sharpie By Pitata Magic
  • Pieces of Strange By Tim Trono and Michael Weber
  • Sacred Sorcery: A Divine Prediction By Wolfgang Riebe
  • Where in the World by Mark Mason 
  • Soleil Pro by TCC and GBDL

Money Magic Tricks

People hate losing money, but watching a magic trick with money is something that always intrigues us. Just like many other magic shops San Diego, we even offer a wide range of money magic tricks and props. These offerings have something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced magician. Some of the best known of money magic tricks include:

  • Crazy Hole 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain
  • The Coaster by T.C.C. Magic and Terry Chou
  • Dollar Side Half Dollar by Tango Magic 
  • The Nightshade Project Coin Set by Craig Petty
  • Quiver Coin Holder by Kelvin Chow       

Magic for Kid Shows

Children are the biggest magic fans in the world, and there is no shortage of tricks and treats you can perform for the little ones. The San Diego Magic Shop has many offerings designed for kids' magic shows, and some of the best-known of them include:

  • S.E.M. By Micheal Rubinstein
  • The Psychopath Deck by Kaymar
  • Crazy Vowels by Playtime Magic Defma  
  • Cube Buster by Henry Harrius
  • Juicy News by Tora Magic  

Final Thought

Having access to the right resources at the right time can make the difference between becoming a successful magician and not. Thankfully, our San Diego Magic Shop has all the offerings you need to learn and master magic.

So, stop contemplating further and shop for your favorite magic items at highly affordable prices!