Kids love magic, and there is no debate about it here. But putting up a successful kid's magic show is not easy. Things become even more challenging when you lack the magic props to perform one's favorite magic tricks.   

This is where the Magic Shop San Diego comes into the picture with their comprehensive collection of magic props. But what magic props do you actually need?

This blog will explore must-have props for a kid's magic show. So, let's check them out without any further ado!  

1. Balls, Dice, or Coins

While you might be unable to perform elaborate magic tricks using balls, dice, or coins, they are still the ideal choice for children's magic shows. You can use these props to perform relatively simpler magic tricks, which should be good enough to win over innocent children. Most beginner magicians prefer these props since they are great for easy sleight-of-hand tricks. You can check out the Air Dice Created By Goncalo Gil And Gee Magic to get started on the right foot.     

2. Handkerchiefs

These light, colorful, and easy-to-store magic props are the ideal addition to your list of magic props for children's magic shows. Handkerchiefs are one of the best magic props for beginners looking to impress children with amazing tricks. They are also one of the best props for misdirection since you can easily pull them out of your pockets, sleeves, and hats.

Using a colorful handkerchief is enough to distract children and convince them to look in one direction while you perform your magic trick like a pro. To learn how to use handkerchiefs in your magic tricks, check out the Star Bandana By Lee Alex

3. Wand or Pointy Objects

Wands and pointy objects are among the most important elements of a kid's magic show. These wands are the ideal partner for distracting your little audiences and impressing them with misdirection.

Wands are great for directing children's attention with one hand while you perform the magic trick with the other without any hassle. Check out the Bubble Wand By Alan Wand to learn more about using magic wands to perform amazing magic tricks that breathe life into children's magic shows.      

4. Hat

A magician in a kid's magic show without an amazing hat does not add up. Contrary to popular conceptions, magicians wearing hats are not just about fashion choices but about an amazing prop for performing unique magic tricks.    

Hats can be an amazing prop for misdirection when you know how to use them properly. This can also be a great addition to your storyline since children will always remain eager to see what you pull out of that hat. Make sure you check out the Baby Presto, a Magical Adventure DVD by John George, to learn more about using hats in kids' magic shows.   

5. Cards

Cards are one of the most common props for performing magic tricks for almost any audience, and children are no exception. Every magician must know their way around card magic tricks as they are the go-to prop for audiences of any size.

The best thing about using magic cards is that they are available in multiple varieties at relatively affordable prices. So, you can even consider having a couple of decks for backup as you learn and master these tricks to impress your audience. The Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan is something you can use to impress children with amazing card tricks.      

In Conclusion

Impressing children with new and innovative magic tricks is not very challenging when you have the right props. So, make sure you check out the collection from the Magic Shop San Diego to get the right props for your kid's magic show. Happy shopping!