Magic is an art, and just as a painter needs a paintbrush and a musician needs a musical instrument, even magicians need their magic props. Magicians use different props based on the type of trick or illusion they perform.  

Yet, every magician must have some common magic props, regardless of the type of tricks they perform. Reliable vendors like the San Diego Magic Shop can provide you with those props.

But what type of props are we talking about here? Let’s find out! 

1. Dice, Coins, or Balls

If you are someone new to the world of magic and looking to impress small crowds or even an individual, dice coins and balls are a must-have prop for you. You might not see most professional magicians using these items as their props. The reason is that these props are too small to be seen from a distance when performing on a stage.

This small size is advantageous for beginners since it makes it easier to learn sleight-of-hand tricks. You can check out The Crazy Cube and Loftus Nickels to Dimes from the Magic Shop San Diego for a better idea.

2. Wand Ot Any Pointy Object

Most of us grew up seeing magicians using wands while performing magic tricks. The logic behind using a magic wand is misdirecting the audience. For instance, you can use the wand to misdirect the audience in one direction or object while performing the trick with the other hand. 

This makes magic wands one of the most important props for every magician. Aspiring magicians must have a magic wand to practice misdirection since this is a challenging skill to develop, and a wand in your hand can help make things more manageable.  

3. Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are another important prop for magicians thanks to their unique characteristics. Handkerchiefs are easy to store, do not weigh much, and are available in different colors and shapes, making them a must-have tool for every magician.

Handkerchiefs are also great tools for misdirection since you can easily pull them out of your pockets, sleeves, or hats. This will ensure the audience concentrates on one object or in one direction while you perform your trick and leave everyone awestruck.  

4. Cards

Card tricks are by far one of the most popular forms of magic tricks that have survived the test of time. Learning magic tricks is often your first step in starting as a magician, so ensure you have your own deck when needed.

You can consider starting with regular cards, learning some tricks, and then checking out the magic card collection from Magic Shops San Diego. You can use these cards to master a couple of simple card tricks and woo your audience with relatively simple tricks.  

5. Hat

Every successful magician has at least one hat that adds a realistic touch to their magician personality. Magicians wearing hats are less about fashion and more about using hats as props for performing magic tricks.   

Countless magicians use hats for more effective misdirection, so beginners use them to learn magic, and misdirection can be very helpful in the long term. You can even use magic hats to add a fun storyline to your performance, leaving the audience eager to guess what you take out of the hat.  

Bottom Line

Learning magic can be an overwhelming experience at first, but given enough time and effort, anyone can perform all sorts of magic tricks. Magicians must see their props as tools that help them do the job.

So, ensure you have all the aforementioned magic props the next time you perform a magic trick. This will help you quickly start on the right foot and learn the best magic tricks. Also, make sure you check out the collection from the San Diego Magic Shop to get all your essential magic props. 

Image credit: scarymommy